More about EDO-B776

EDO-B776 is an antibody-drug conjugate targeting a fragment of cancer antigen 125 (CA125) and is being developed to treat ovarian cancer.

Rationale for development

Advances in ovarian cancer treatment is a major unmet met need with little progress in recent decades.

CA125 is highly overexpressed in ovarian cancer and a part of CA125 is shed from the tumour resulting in fragments circulating in the blood. This is the basis for CA125’s utility as a biomarker for diagnosis and progression of disease, and monitoring of therapy. Shed CA125 can have a negative impact on the outcome of immunotherapy because antibodies bind to the CA125 fragments circulating in the blood and limit clinical efficacy. For this reason, an antibody that targets the remaining cell-associated protein following shedding may be ideal for immunotherapeutic approaches.

Stump of CA125

Stump of CA125


EDO b776 Diagram

More about EDO-B278

EDO-B278 is an antibody-drug conjugate targeting the human tissue factor and is in development to treat various solid tumours.